NEOH Athlete Anna Donauer
NEOH athlete Anna Donauer / CrossFit


Anna Donauer always likes to go abroad. But no matter where, CrossFit always plays a role, whether on Bali or in their CrossFit Hometown Wr. Neustadt. And although she doesn't like online qualifier, she qualified for the CrossFit Games 2020 as the Fittest Woman in Austria.

I used to be the little blonde girl that nobody knew.

NEOH: Your strongest CrossFit discipline?


NEOH: Finish the sentence: The CrossFit comminity is ...

Anna: ... a wonderful anchor

NEOH: Nickname: Anna makes butter - why?

Anna: Do you know the story of the two frogs popping into a bucket of milk? Look it up ;)

NEOH: End the sentence: CrossFit is for me ...

Anna: life. My job. My free time. My love.

NEOH: How long does a cat need to exercise to get sore muscles?

Anna: Cats don't exercise. They sit in the corner and think about how and when they murder you in cold blood. #teamdog

Anna in action!

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