NEOH Athlete Chris Körner / CrossFit 💪
NEOH athlete Chris Körner / CrossFit 💪

Chris Körner

Chris Körner has been the man the beat in Austria over the past few years. He won the Hypertrophy (later Austrian Throwdown) three times in a row and became Fittest Man in Austria also three consecutive times. 2019 he represented Austria at the GrossFit Games in the USA. He also offers ambitious newcomers and fans of the sport his experience as a coach.

Sugar is taboo for me!

NEOH: Sore muscles after training - what to do?

Chris: Train another muscle group! Don't moan, there is worse!

NEOH: Finish the sentence: My libelings WOD consists of ...

Chris: ...T2B, HSPU & DU

NEOH: How often do you exercise a week?

Chris: I do between 5-11 sessions per week.

NEOH: Finish the sentence: Superstitious are...

Chris: ... people who have too much time!

NEOH: You always have a beard. Why doesn't Tarzan have one?

Chris: But he has hair on his head ;)

Chris in action:

NEOH Athlete Chris Körner / CrossFit 💪

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