NEOH Athletes Katharina Schützenhöfer and Lena Plesiuntschnig / Beachvolleyball 🏐
NEOH Athleten Katharina Schützenhöfer and Lena Plesiutschnig / Beachvolleyball 🏐

Kathi &

Katharina Schützenhöfer

Lena Plesiutschnig

Kathi and Lena certainly stand in the sand more often than even the most hardened holiday junkies. In beach volleyball, you not only enjoy a holiday-like beach feeling at work, but also a pure party atmosphere, especially at tournaments like the European Championship or Beach Volleyball Major.

NEOH: Is the music in the background during the match motivating or disturbing?

Kathi & Lena: K: Basically music always motivates me! Especially after very good rallies it can give you the extra push! During rallies it would be annoying, but in this phase there is generally no music played. Music triggers emotions in me and with emotions it's easier to play.  L: I often fade out the music completely. Basically the music always motivates me a lot. 

NEOH: Complete the sentence: Bare skin in beach volleyball is...

Kathi & Lena: K: Get used to it! L: ...just belongs to it. Mostly we play in places where it's 30 degrees and more, it would be too hot to play in clothes. Besides, all athletes are in great shape and feel comfortable in the tight outfits.

NEOH: Do you have to be tall to play beach volleyball?

Kathi & Lena: K: Not necessarily, but a minimum size is important. With women it is difficult when you are under 1.75m, but you can still make up a lot by other skills like athleticism, understanding of the game or technique.  L: You don't have to be tall, but it's a great advantage. There are very few small players on the Tour, they have to jump higher, the advantage is that the smaller players are usually faster ! Translated with (free version)

NEOH: Complete the sentence: We usually win when...

Kathi & Lena: K: …we play with fun, joy and emotions.  L: ...we are motivated and focused, when we deliver a good performance and when we have a good team spirit. 

NEOH: You get around a lot on the tour, your favourite destination so far?

Kathi & Lena: K: Phew, it's hard to say. By now we've been to all continents but I'd almost say I liked Australia (Sydney) best, closely followed by Mexico and Florida.  L: Australia, Manly Beach :)

Kathi & Lena in action:

NEOH Athletes Katharina Schützenhöfer and Lena Plesiuntschnig / Beachvolleyball 🏐

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