The new sweets!

100 % taste. ZERO sugar added.


NEOH NoCheezecake

NEW: NEOH NoCheezecake at Billa Plus!

NEOH launches new cake with Billa!

NEOH x Jonathan Tah

A day in the life of footballer Jonathan Tah ⚽

What does a professional soccer player do all day? Find out here!

NEOH Chocolate

NEOH Chocolate

Finally: NEOH introduces its first ZERO sugar added chocolate. In two flavors!

RAF Camora bets on NEOH!

RAF Camora bets on NEOH!

Austria's most famous rap musician invests in domestic food tech!

f.l.t.r.: NEOH founder and CEO Manuel Zeller, internist and nutritionist Dr. Elisabeth Krippl, nutritionist Holly Wilkinson, BSc and Stefan Kotynek, authorized signatory and sales manager STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik GmbH.

Our sugar replacement formula ENSO 16 as a gamechanger

Clinical study confirms: Revolutionary sugar replacement formula can solve the world's sugar problem

Masters of Dirt is back!

Clear the stage for the wildest freestyle show in the world!

And the winner is ... NEOH!

NEOH recieves the Men's Health Good Food Award 2022 !

New in the team: Downhill/Street Trial athlete Gabriel Wimer

Welcome to the Sugar Fight Club!

NEOH takes GOLD for the second year in a row!

NEOH wins the Healthy Living Award for the second year in a row !

The NEOH Cream Cake - Zero sugar added on a new level!

NEOH brings its own Cream Cake to 150 Billa Plus shops!

NEOH Body Transformation Challenge

Get the most out of yourself with the free workout and nutrition plan from NEOH.

Gold at the MEN'S HEALTH Good Food Award 2020

NEOH gets GOLD and wins the MEN'S HEALTH Good Food Award 2020 in the category "snacks" as the only chocolate bar!

Masters of Dirt

Everything that has wheels flies! One of the most successful freestyle events made in Austria.

Never Seen Before Trick

NEOH athlete and freestyle mountain biker Dani Ruso is setting new standards.

NEOH Body Transformation Challenge 2020

Under the motto #unleashyourbest the NEOH Body Transformation Challenge now enters its third round.

NEOH | Viktor Schröder at the Austrian Throwdown 🏆

Survival of the Fittest

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