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RAF Camora bets on NEOH!

RAF Camora bets on NEOH!

The 38-year-old Viennese rapper, music producer and entrepreneur Raphael Ragucci (known as RAF Camora) has invested in the domestic food tech company specializing in sugar-free sweets. The decisive factor for the investment was the idea behind NEOH, because both partners share the demand for healthy snacking alternatives. "The concept of NEOH convinced me from the first hour, because I believe in the vision of the brand and like to support promising projects. The investment in the brand, which also comes from Vienna, was therefore a logical step for me," says RAF Camora.

"In NEOH, I have found a partner that fuses indulgence and health-conscious lifestyle. I believe in the concept and the future together." - RAF Camora

Investment in a promising future "RAF Camora is a great personality

"We have all been enthusiastic fans of him and his music since NEOH came into existence. We also learned that RAF himself has been a big fan of our products since the beginning. Our sales director Adel Hafizovic then sought contact and we were relatively quickly on the road to partnership",sums up Manuel Zeller, founder and CEO of NEOH. With RAF Camora, the Viennese company has found another important partner on its mission to revolutionize the confectionery market.

About NEOH / Alpha Republic GmbH

Thanks to its unique composition, NEOH combines the best of classic chocolate and healthy fitness bars. With full flavor but only one gram of sugar, the balanced energy and protein snack offers a completely new snacking pleasure - without a guilty conscience. Viennese Manuel Zeller, Alexander Gänsdorfer, Patrick Kolomaznik and Adel Hafizovic put more than five years into developing the product and brand before founding Alpha Republic GmbH, the company behind NEOH, in August 2016. Under the motto "The new snacking", NEOH has been available nationwide in Austria since the end of 2017 and in Germany since January 1, 2020. NEOH products are made from high-quality ingredients in Austria.

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