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NEOH Body Transformation Challenge

12 weeks. 3 phases. 100% results.

Are you ready for a challenge? Our NEOH Body Transformation Challenge allows you to get closer to your dream figure through a free, simple but most importantly effective workout program from the comfort of your own home and without equipment. Whether you want to lose some weight, build some muscle or just feel fit and comfortable in your skin again - this is the place for you!!! Join our NEOH & Friends group on Facebook and share your experiences with other sports enthusiasts!

The concept

With NEOH to your dream figure? It's possible!

With our 12 week workout programs. We don't offer you two versions of a HIIT training program, namely the Challenge from 2020 and 2021. Which one is right for you, you have to test yourself. The difference is that BTC 2021 focuses on full-body HIIT, while the 2020 workouts are each designed with a focus on one body region, which will also happen in BTC 2021 in the final phase.

The program will also be supplemented with a dedicated stretching and yoga session. The stretching session serves among other things the regeneration and allows you to actively shape your actual "rest day". The yoga session is also optional but a good balance for a stressful everyday life.

Of course, you should supplement this with a good amount of sleep (i.e. about 8 hours per night) and a balanced and healthy diet. You are welcome to follow our recipe guide during the individual phases and test the clean eating, low carb and keto diets.

The trainings

For those of you who have never participated in our Challenge, here is a brief summary that applies to both programs.

The training program consists of 3 phases, each lasting 4 weeks. In each phase, the goal is to complete three sweaty but effective HIIT sessions each week. For Challenge 2021, Phase I starts with full-body HIIT workouts. We progress to Phase III to targeted HIIT for the lower body, abdominals and upper body. Of course, there will be a specific focus for each workout in each phase. At Challenge 2020, we will start directly in Phase I with targeted HIIT for these body areas.

For optimal results, you should supplement your workout with a cardio session of your choice. We also have a HIIT cardio version for each phase in the Cardio Corner for you, should the weather not be suitable or you don't have any equipment at home.

You will find the weekly suggested training plan in the respective phase. However, you can still integrate the workouts into your daily routine in the way that works best for you.

The nutrition plan

As I said, training is only half the battle. To really achieve maximum success in the next 12 weeks, you should also pay attention to your diet.

Important: If you want to lose weight/fat: Eat fewer calories than you consume. If you just want to keep fit: Eat about as many calories as you consume. If you want to gain weight/build muscle: Consume more calories than you use.

You can calculate your individual calorie consumption with NEOH calorie calculator below.

Calorie calculator

Here you can now easily calculate your calorie consumption to make sure you reach your goal.


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