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How heavy are the NEOH products?

One NEOH crunch bar weighs 30g, the Nut Bar weighs 28g. The Wafer weighs 21g and the Chocolate Bites 29g.

Which sweeteners do you use?

All NEOH products are sweetened mainly with vegetable fibres from agave, fermented corn and chicory, among others.

Are sweeteners worse than sugar?

This is a misconception. There is clear evidence that sugar is linked to 75% of all diseases and directly linked to 180,000 deaths per year. For sweeteners, there is no proven death to date. According to the ADI, you could eat 120 NEOH products per day for a lifetime without adverse effects. Moreover, some sweeteners are even found in nature. Erythritol, for example, is found in berries, mushrooms and cheese.

Does NEOH use aspartame?

No, we don't use aspartame.

How many carbohydrates do the NEOH products have?

A NEOH Crunch Bar has a total of 9g carbohydrates per bar, the nut bar only 5g carbohydrates but only 3g net carbohydrates. The Wafer has 6g of carbohydrates with also only 3g net carbohydrates and the Chocolate Bites contain 9g of carbohydrates with 4g net carbohydrates. Only the net carbs these have an impact on blood sugar levels. The rest of the carbohydrates are empty and are not absorbed by the body and are excreted. For more information, please visit:

How much fat do the NEOH products contain?

For the Crunch Bars: Chocolate & Raspberry: 6,6 g per bar (30g). Coconut: 7g per bar (30g).

The Nut Bar contains 9g fat, the Hazelnut Crunch Wafer contains 7g of fat and so do the Chocolate Bites.

How much protein do the NEOH products contain?

For the Crunch Bars: Chocolate: 6,3 g per bar (30g). Raspberry & Coconut: 5,9g per bar (30g).

For the Nut Bar it is 3g protein per bar (28g).

For the NEOH Wafer: 2g and for the Chocolate Bites: 3g per serving.

How much fiber do the NEOH products contain?

For Crunch Bars: Chocolate, Raspberry & Coconut : 7,8g per bar (30g). The Nut Bar has 8g of fiber.

The Hazelnut Crunch Wafer contains 6g of fiber and the Chocolate Bites a full 8g of fiber per serving.

Does NEOH have an effect on blood sugar levels?

NEOH products have only 3-4g of net carbohydrates. Only these have an impact on blood sugar levels. The rest of the carbohydrates are empty and are not absorbed and excreted by the body. The fiber in NEOH also ensures that the carbohydrates arrive in the blood more slowly. NEOH therefore has only a minimal effect on blood sugar levels. For more information, visit:

Does polydextrose affect the blood sugar level?

Polydextrose in itself is a fibre. Fibre has no influence on the blood sugar level. On the contrary: Dietary fibres ensure that carbohydrates enter the bloodstream more slowly and therefore have less influence on the blood sugar level. Fibre is therefore not only neutral, but also has a blood sugar-lowering effect according to the FDA and EU Commission.

Do you use refined sugar?

We do not add refined sugar to our products.

Why does NEOH have 1g of sugar? Why not 0g sugar?

We use some whey powder to make NEOH more protein-rich. The 1g of sugar comes together by using the whey powder.

Is NEOH vegan?

Due to the use of whey powder, the Crunch Bars, the Hazelnut Crunch Wafer and the Chocolate Bites are unfortunately not vegan but vegetarian. The Caramel Nuts Bar, however, is vegan.

Is NEOH vegetarian?

Yes! All NEOH products are vegetarian. The Caramel Nuts Bar is even vegan.

Why do you not use coconut blossom sugar, dates or honey for sweetening?

Coconut blossom sugar, dates and honey affect the blood sugar level more drastically than the sweeteners we use. For this reason these 3 ingredients are not an option for us.

Is sucralose bad for my gut flora?

With the amount of sucralose found in an NEOH, you would have to eat 120 bars per day (!!!) for years to prove an effect in your intestinal flora.

Which soy do you use?

We use soy protein isolate in our Crunch Bars. Unlike native soya, soy protein isolate has no effect on hormone levels and is also compatible with a ketogenic diet.

What is the chemical score of a NEOH Crunch Bar?

The NEOH Crunch Bar has a chemical score of 110. In comparison: An egg has 100.

What protein sources do you use?

We use whey, soy protein isolate, peas and cocoa protein.

Do you use soy protein isolate or native soy?

We use high quality soy protein isolate to produce the best biological protein value.

How high quality is your protein blend?

We have a chemical score over 110!! That's way more than average "high quality" protein bars.

We had this result tested in a German laboratory SYNLAB Analytics & Services Germany GmbH.

  • Aminogramm g/100g
  • Leucine 8,16g/100g
  • Isoleucine 4,84g/100g
  • Valine 4,71g/100g
  • Lysine 6,41g/100g
  • Histidine 2,65g/100g
  • Methionine + CYST 2,42g/100g
  • Phenylalanine + TYR 8,12g/100g
  • Threonine 3,95g/100g
  • Tryptophan 1,43g/100g

 Exact results: here

Shipping, Delivery and Returns

Track your NEOH order!

When the order is shipped, you will automatically receive an email with the tracking number.

How does shipping work with NEOH?

After an order has been placed, a confirmation email is sent. When the order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number by email.

How long does shipping take?

Austria and Germany: 2-4 working days.
The ordered items will be delivered within 2-6 working days in Europe and within 15 working days in all other parts of the world.

Which shipping company is used for shipping?

Currently we ship with DHL in Germany and DPD in Austria.

How much does the shipping cost?

Free of charge for purchases of EUR 25 or more in DE/AT.
For purchases below EUR 25 in DE/AT only EUR 2,--
International shipping: For orders outside DE/AT: EUR 10,--

Do I have to pay customs?

We ship from Europe. is not responsible for any customs duties or any other fees that may be incurred.

Can I place an express order?

No, this is unfortunately not possible at this time.

I have in my package an article that I did not order at all. What can I do?

Send an email to

How can I pick up my parcel in the parcel shop?

There will be an email notification with the exact location of the pickup from our shipping service provider.

I have questions, who can I turn to?

Contact us at any time at


You have the right to cancel this contract within 30 days without giving any reason. You can find our cancellation/return policyhere.


What payment options are available?

Paypal, Kreditkarten (Amex, Mastercard, Visa), Apple Pay, Klarna 

How do I receive an invoice?

This comes by e-mail in the form of a link, directly after the order.


How can I return my order?

Do you ship with a tracking number?

Yes, once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking ID to track the delivery.

How can I cancel my order?

Per right of revocation

How can I create a customer account?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service at the moment.


Is NEOH suitable for diabetics?

Yes, NEOH is suitable for diabetics because our bars have a minimal effect on blood sugar levels. You are welcome to measure the influence on your blood sugar level with a measuring device after snacking at home. However, to be on the safe side, we still recommend that you discuss this with your doctor. You can find more information about blood glucose and NEOH on our website.

Is NEOH keto-friendly?

Yeah, NEOH is keto-friendly. An NEOH only has 3 grams of net carbohydrates. Only these have an effect on blood sugar levels. The remaining carbohydrates are empty and are not absorbed and excreted by the body. You can find more information under:

Can I consume sweeteners during a ketogenic diet?

Since NEOH has only 3g net carbohydrates, the amount of sweeteners used in NEOH is suitable for your ketogenic diet.

Can I lose weight with NEOH?

If you consume more calories than you consume, you will certainly lose weight. If the opposite is true, NEOH will unfortunately not help you lose weight. NEOH can be integrated into a diet with 1g sugar and only 98 kcal per bar.

How many Weight Watchers smart points does NEOH have?

One NEOH bar equals to 3 WW SmartPoints.

What does Netcarbs mean?

Net carbs are those carbohydrates that have an influence on the blood sugar level. The remaining part (complex carbohydrates) is not absorbed by the body and is then excreted. NEOH e.g. has 12g carbohydrates. 3g of these are net carbs. Only this part has an influence on the blood sugar level, the rest is excreted. With only 3g of net carbs, NEOH has only a minimal influence on the blood sugar level and can therefore be consumed during a ketogenic diet and as a diabetic. However, if you are a diabetic and are unsure of your diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor before consumption.

How do I count net carbs?

To calculate net carbohydrates, everything that does not arrive in the blood as glucose must be subtracted from the calories. This leaves the carbohydrates:

Specifically, for NEOH, this is what it looks like: (In general: 1g fat = 9kcal, 1g protein = 4kcal, 1g fiber = 2kcal, 1g net carbohydrate = 4kcal)

 Total calories NEOH: 98kcal

- Calories from fat: 36,4kcal

- Calories from protein: 30kcal

- Calories from dietary fibre: 6kcal

- Calories from glycerine: 9.8kcal

= 15.8kcal from net carbohydrates

 15.8 kcal divided by 4kcal/g net carbohydrates = 3.95g net carbohydrates

 You can find further information here:


Where can I buy NEOH?

NEOH ist bei folgenden Partnern erhältlich:

AT: SPAR, Metro, OMV, Eni, Selecta, FitOne, Malu, CrossZone

DE: REWEMüllerSportnahrung.deVitafyAMAZON

CH: k kiosk

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