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The first thing you notice when you bite into a NEOH CrossBar is the great crunch. And we want to keep this crunch crunchy. We tried lots of things over a long period in our test lab, and when using tapioca the crunch experience was simply the best. This is why we use tapioca as a starch in our bars. Besides, tapioca is also gluten-free and vegan and contains many minerals and trace elements.  

Tapioca is "generally recommended as safe" by the FDA. No ADI value has been assigned. Based on these facts, the product is considered absolutely safe for humans. 


Tapioca is gluten-free, and is used as a starch in the food industry. Tapioca is also very popular in high cuisine due to its unusual properties. 


Tapioca is mainly used in gluten-free foods. Here, in the form of fine powder. Tapioca is also perfect in vegetarian and vegan cuisine for thickening sauces or in desserts. But it is also used as bubble in the cult bubble teas. Tapioca is also used in high cuisine because of its surprise effect. It has the ability to burst on the tongue.


Tapioca starch/tapioca is a starch extracted from the roots of the manioc bush. The extraction of tapioca is relatively complicated. The manioc roots are actually poisonous and are rendered non-toxic by the process of extracting manioc flour. To do this, the root is peeled, grated and soaked. This mass is then roasted and dried in the oven and the flour is ready. Tapioca is a by-product of this process.


·      Vegan

·      Gluten- free 

·      Flavorless

·      Reasonably priced

·      0. 2 g fat per 100 g

·      High nutritional value


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