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NEOH: The future of snacking

NEOH | Investor Relations 🤓

NEOH wants to revolutionize the global confectionery market as an innovative food tech. The company is focusing on the megatrend of sugar reduction. With the most innovative sugar replacement formula currently on the market and a strong brand, the company aims to become the top player in a multi-billion market.

Investors now have the chance to participate in the success of the no-SUGAR game changer via the platform.

Investor documents

All important information at a glance for future investors (data without guarantee):


This issue is currently offered exclusively to investors domiciled or resident in Austria. It is planned to offer this issue shortly also to investors domiciled or resident in Germany and Finland.

Risk notice

The acquisition of this security is associated with considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. Further risk information can be found in particular in the published investor information for investors domiciled or resident in Austria in accordance with the Austrian Alternative Financing Act (AltFG) and in the published securities information sheet (WIB) for investors domiciled or resident in Germany in accordance with the German Securities Prospectus Act - (WpPG), as soon as BaFin has approved the securities information sheet (WIB).

The net issue proceeds from the current securities issue of NEOH Invest AG are to be used to acquire an additional maximum of 4.85% (to a maximum of 7.34%) shares in Alpha Republic GmbH (NARG), in the course of a capital increase of NARG. The funds from the capital increase will be invested primarily in the expansion of NEOH in Germany and the United States and in the massive expansion of marketing and sales activities. Furthermore, new product developments are to be financed with this...

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