NEOH has no sugar added. We have developed a secret formula called ENSO6 to replace sugar, but eliminate all negative effects without losing the taste.


Like Wikipedia, but with only 1 g of sugar!

Here you can find all the information about the composition of the CrossBar and all the ingredients to be found in a NEOH. Shortly before we go into more detail, we would like to present NEOH-SIX to you. These six points had to be considered and realized during production. Sometimes we were a little bit doubtful, but giving up wasn't an option. We wanted our NEOH to include all six points. And after years of research, we have managed to do just that. 

1) Complete taste experience! 
Only when it tastes really good do you leave out the usual chocolate bar.

2) Hardly any effect on the blood sugar level! 
In order to avoid blood sugar and thus insulin peaks.

3) Low in calories! 
We eat more than enough a day.

4) High protein content with a broad amino acid balance! 
The average protein intake is both under-represented and one-sided in every age group.

5) High fiber content! 
We eat far too many simple carbohydrates and far too little fiber.

6) Zero concern! 
We only want to use ingredients when we can be sure that they sustainably replace sugar and do not lead to other side effects. That is why the composition of the sugar substitutes is a great secret of our recipe.

Chocolate Ingredients

Whole Milk Powder / Whey Powder

Lecithins (Soya)

Cacao Mass

Soy Crispies

Starch (Tapioka)

Soy Protein Isolate


Dietry Fiber




Maltitol, Xylitol, Sucralose



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