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NEOH Cake 🍰

243 kcal | 17.9 g carbohydrates | 12.2 g protein | 13.7 g fat | 5.5 g sugar

NEOH Recipe | NEOH Cake 🍰


For the base:

150 g dates

150 g grated almonds

35 g coconut flakes

5 tbsp yacon syrup

1 tsp vanilla flavouring

1 pinch of salt

For the filling:

2 NEOH Crunch Bars

300 g berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)

2 lemons or lemon juice

200 g Greek yoghurt (natural)

225 g SKYR (natural)

3 leaves of gelatine

3.5 tbsp erythritol (powder)

1 tsp vanilla flavouring

For the topping:

2 NEOH Bars


How To

1. For the base: Mix dates, almonds, grated coconut, yacon syrup, vanilla flavouring and salt in a bowl and blend with a hand blender. Line a 24 cm diameter cake springform pan with baking paper and spread the mixture on top. Press the cake base flat to achieve the required consistency.

2. For the filling: Chop the NEOH bars and then refine them in the mixer. Also mix the berries. Mix Greek yoghurt and SKYR yoghurt. Add the NEOH mass and berry mass. Add some lemon juice, erythritol and vanilla flavour. Dissolve gelatine in water (approx. 12 tbsp. water) and stir until it has combined with the water. Add the dissolved gelatine to the remaining mixture and mix well. Spread the mixture evenly on the cake base. Now put the cake in the fridge for at least 2 hours to firm it up.

3. For the garnish: Mash 2 NEOH bars. Decorate the cake with NEOH crumbs and berries.


243 kcal | 17.9 g carbohydrates | 12.2 g protein | 13.7 g fat | 5.5 g sugar

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