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NEOH Dessert in a glas 🍓

~ 164kcal | 23.4g carbs | 14.5g protein | 4.3g fat | 12.6g sugar

NEOH Recipe | Dessert in a glas 🍓

Ingredients (4 portions)

4 NEOH Raspberry Crunch Bars
125g raspberries
12 blueberries
250g SKYR or greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon Yacon-Syrup (alternatively Agave-Syrup)
Cocoa nibs

How To

Smash the raspberries with a fork (or with your fist) and mix it together with SKYR/Greek Yoghurt and Yacon-Syrup. Attention: don't smash em all! A few rasberries you will need later on for decoration! Therafter cut all four NEOH Raspberry Crunch Bars in 1cm x 1cm pieces, put them in a glass and ad the Skyr/Greek Yoghurt-Raspberry mix on top. Now comes the creative part: Decorate the glass with raspberries, blueberries and cocoa nibs. Beautiful, isn't it?

Nutritional values/portion

~ 164kcal | 23.4g carbs | 14.5g protein | 4.3g fat | 12.6g sugar
(You can reduce the amount of calories by using a fat reduced greek yoghurt.)

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