The new sweets!

100 % taste. ZERO sugar added.

Full chocolate taste with ZERO sugar added

Our ZERO Promise

Full enjoyment, no regrets. We promise 100% taste experience with ZERO bullshit. This is made possible by our secret sugar replacement formula ZERO+. This consists mainly of vegetable fiber and fermented corn.


ZERO Sugar Added

All our products do not contain added sugar.


HIGH Fibre

All our products contain a high percentage of dietary fiber from vegetable origin.


KEEPS Blood sugar LOW*

Keeps blood sugar levels low. As an example, our chocolate has only 1g NetCarbs per serving.

The truth lies in the blood glucose curve

We often forget that many "short" carbohydrates show up in the blood as glucose just as quickly as sugar itself. We have spent 12 years of intensive research to keep the impact on blood sugar as low as possible and without compromising on taste. This has now been confirmed by a study conducted by the Medical University of Vienna (2022).

The graph shows the overall result of normalized values for the change in blood glucose levels after oral administration of 30 g ZERO+ (red) or 30 g glucose (blue), each dissolved in 200 mL tap water, from time 0 to 180 minutes after administration. Data are expressed as mean and standard error of the mean. Due to the lower variability of ZERO+, the error bars cannot be shown.


We have replaced 100% of the added sugar with ZERO+. People often forget how much added sugar is contained in conventional confectionery. Here is a brief comparison:


  • ZERO

    sugar added

  • 1g NetCarbs

    per portion (22g)

  • 7g fibre

    per portion (22g)

  • 12 gram

    added sugar

  • 13g NetCarbs

    per portion (22g)

  • 0,2g Fiber

    per portion (22g)

  • 12 gram

    added sugar

  • 12g NetCarbs

    per portion (22g)

  • 0,4g Fiber

    per portion (22g)

*Foods containing erythritol, polydextrose and succralose instead of sugar cause blood sugar levels to rise less after their consumption.

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