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OUT NOW: Chocolate in two flavors!

Full chocolate taste with ZERO sugar added

Our ZERO-Promise:

We have not only replaced sugar, we have eliminated all carbohydrates that immediately show up in the blood as glucose. The secret to this is our sugar replacement formula that mainly consists of vegetable fiber and fermented corn.


ZERO Sugar Added

Minimal NetCarbs - Lots of balanced fiber.


ZERO Palm oil

We check all our raw materials for origin and processing. Palm oil has no place either way.


ZERO Bullshit

Feel fitter throughout the day without annoying blood sugar spikes and sugar cravings.

80 (mg/dl)

0 min

15 min

30 min

45 min

60 min

90 min


Average Low Sugar Bar

Average candy bar

The truth lies in the blood glucose curve

We often forget that many "short" carbohydrates show up in the blood as glucose just as quickly as sugar itself. We have spent 12 years of intensive research to keep the impact on blood sugar as low as possible without compromising taste.

Our NEW SWEETS lead to a better lifestyle overall

Replace your usual cravings snacks with NEOH and you'll save up to 18kg* of sugar per year. This drastic reduction leads to many positive effects such as: A better immune system, easier weight control, increased concentration and a much better mood.


  • ZERO

    Sugar added

  • ≈ 100 calories

    per serving

  • 4-8 grams

    Dietary fiber

  • 24 gram

    Added sugar

  • 250 calories

    per serving (1 piece)

  • 0,6 gram

    Dietary fiber

  • 14 grams

    Added sugar

  • 280 calories

    per serving (1 piece)

  • 0 gram

    Dietary fiber

  • 13 grams

    Added sugar

  • 155 calories

    per serving (32g)

  • 0 gram

    Dietary fiber

  • 15 grams

    Sugar added

  • 323 calories

    per serving (1 piece)

  • 2 grams

    Dietary fiber

*Due to the high fiber content, the satiety of NEOH is significantly better than that of comparable sweets and snacks. No matter if you start snacking or one hour afterwards. Our assumption: a conventional chocolate bar triggers a craving just one hour after you start snacking. This is not the case with NEOH. While a refill will be necessary just one our afterwards when snacking a conventional chocolate bar, with NEOH one crunchbar is enough for hours.

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