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100% taste. ZERO sugar added.

Gold at the MEN'S HEALTH Good Food Award 2020

The MEN'S HEALTH Good Food Award has been presented annually since 2016 to the most innovative and best food products. 2020 was the strongest year so far - around 150 applicants were in the running, more than in all previous years. "This year, the jury of ecotrophologists and nutritional editors focused on innovations, both in breakfast products, those for lunch and dinner, and snacks" (Gabriele Giesler, jury member)

From the magazine

Special attention was paid this year to, among other things, attentiveness in the production process and fairness in the value chain. "This fusion of chocolate and fitness bar contains only 1 gram of sugar, with 98 calories per piece. Nevertheless, the bar does not taste healthy, but sinful like its chocolaty colleagues". Quote from MEN'S HEALTH

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