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100% taste. ZERO sugar added.

NEOH Body Transformation Challenge

The NEOH Body Transformation Challenge is a free 12-week training program, which goes hand in hand with a diet plan tailored to your needs. Different training videos, which can be found on the NEOH website, make the participants sweat. On a corresponding Facebook group, the participants get answers to their questions as well as additional tips.

β€œIt’s tough, but it pays off!β€œ (Manuel Zeller, founder of NEOH)

“In addition to a balanced diet, sufficient exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. That's why we offer our customers not only sugar-free snack alternatives, but also instructions for the personal dream figure.” (Manuel Zeller, founder of NEOH)

A trip to Los Angeles was raffled off from the best before and after photos. OCR runner Dagmar Bachmann combined the trip with a Spartan Race in the USA and Peter Kern enjoyed a stay with his family and a sensational 24 kilos less.

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