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Soy Crispies



Calcium carbonate keeps our crispies dry. Literally. After all, who wants to have a bar with crispies where the crunch effect is missing? That’s right, nobody. And we at NEOH certainly do not. So thank you, calcium carbonate, and most of all your stabilizer property for giving us the crunch.  

The substance has been classified as safe by the FDA, and therefore no ADI has been established for this compound. 


Calcium carbonate is a compound of calcium, oxygen and carbon and is used in the food industry primarily as a filler and stabiliser.  The chemical compound calcium carbonate consists of calcium, oxygen and carbon.

Calcium carbonate is a fine, crystalline solid that belongs to the group of carbonates. It's one of the most widespread compounds on the planet.


In the food industry, calcium carbonate is mainly used as a filler and stabilizer. It is added to foods such as chewing gum, cheese, baby food, baking products and dragées. Calcium carbonate is also used to color medicines. 


Calcium carbonate is extracted from finely ground limestone as a food additive. Another variant is the synthetic production of the substance by a chemical reaction of calcium ions and carbon ions. 


·      Very good stabilizer

·      Keeps food dry

·      Natural product


Der Brockhaus, 2011

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