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Besides oligofructose, inulin is another dietary fiber with a prebiotic effect. Inulin improves intestinal health, has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the feeling of hunger, regulates lipid metabolism, protects against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, ensures bone health and and and and... Well, we could go on like this for a long time and rave about the consistently positive properties of inulin, but we have to go back to the lab, the classical music is on, and we are already working on a new NEOH product and we are curious to see what comes of it…

Granted GRAS status by the FDA. Inulin has not been assigned a specific ADI. Like oligofructose, inulin cannot be digested.

Due to the glycemic index of 0, inulin is considered safe for diabetics.


Inulin belongs to the fructans because it consists mainly of fructose chains. A fructose chain consists of 35 fructose molecules with a glucose molecule at the end. Humans cannot digest inulin. This is because humans do not have the enzyme inulinase. This would be needed to separate the individual, firmly bonded fructose molecules.  

Inulin is a fructan and has a great many positive properties. Inulin is more of an active substance which, especially in the last two years, has been very well received for its potential to maintain human health. Inulin has a particularly regenerative effect on the intestines. Among other things, it also ensures healthy development in children.


Inulin is used in foods as a sugar substitute because it has few calories, does not affect the blood sugar level and is very similar to sugar in taste. Naturally, inulin is found in chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, black salsify, garlic, onion or artichokes. The prebiotic substance is also added to digestive foods such as yogurt.  

Inulin is used in medicine in different areas. Because of its proven effect in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, inulin is used in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Already in 2005 an article was published in the British Journal of Nutrition, in which the researchers described the cancer-inhibiting aspects of inulin. The result of 12 independent studies is that 26 out of 29 groups showed a significant regression of the tumors or the cancer risk of the test persons decreased drastically.

Thus, inulin was not only used as a therapy for patients already suffering from cancer, but also as a protective measure for patients with suspected cancer. In a study published in 2013 it was proven that inulin had such a positive effect on already damaged intestinal milieu and intestinal flora disorders that the risk of cancer was drastically reduced.  Inulin regulates the immune system. It is effective against chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases such as Crohn's disease and autoimmune diseases.  Furthermore, inulin has a positive effect on digestion and lipid metabolism. Diabetes and iron deficiency can also be prevented with inulin.


Inulin is obtained, in a similar way to sugar, by extraction from sugar beet. Inulin can also be obtained from the chicory root. The roots are extracted in hot water, the extract is then purified and inulin is obtained by spray drying. 


• Improves intestinal health 
• Valuable prebiotic 
• Has an anti-inflammatory effect 
• Strengthens the immune system 
•Regenerates the intestinal mucosa and prevents Leaky Gut Syndrome 
• Regulates the lipid metabolism and blood sugar level 
• Reduces feelings of hunger and excess weight 
• Prevents fatty liver by reducing ectopic fat deposits 
• Protects against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes 
• Improves mineral absorption and thus bone health 
• Ensures the healthy development of children 
• Reduction of the intestinal pH-value 
• Regeneration of the intestinal mucosa 
• Energy source for the intestinal mucosa cells


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