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NEOHpedia | Nuts


Nuts are just great, they are a real super food, keep you full, have a positive effect on the brain and are so and so a great booster for health. For this reason, the base of our vegan Caramel-Nuts bars is also made of nuts. Here we have chosen hazelnuts and almonds of the finest quality. Because these not only taste fantastic, but are bursting with positive properties.


Nuts have a high fat content. This is a bit daunting, because with a high fat content also come some kilocalories. But here you should really have no worries and you can grab courageously, because the fats, which are in the nuts, are super healthy. 60 percent of our brain is made up of fat, so it's only logical that the unsaturated fatty acids in nuts support the transmission and storage of information in the brain. Nuts also contain vitamin B and magnesium and can also form dopamine. 

Hazelnuts in particular are also said to have a slimming effect, as they contain a lot of oleic acid and this contributes to satiety through the production of oleoylethanolamide. The skin is also positively influenced by the contained vitamin E.

Almonds are rich in folic acid and have a high protein content. They also fill you up quickly and have stomach-friendly properties.


Nuts are real all-rounders. Whether as a base in ground form of various cakes, components in pestos or toppings of dishes, they can be used everywhere. Both in sweet and savory form.


Nuts are harvested, then industrially shelled and roasted, and then processed accordingly, depending on the application.


·      Stabilize blood sugar

·      Protect the heart

·      Have a positive effect on the brain and cognitive performance

·      Protect against stroke

·      Lower the cholesterol level

·      Have a positive effect on fat burning

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