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Many companies try to reduce sugar and use raw materials that are not called sugar, but act just like sugar in the body. Therefore, the consideration of the net carbohydrates is essential. The total effect on the blood sugar level can be tested relatively easily with a blood glucose meter.

So that you do not have to measure your blood sugar permanently, we have tested our products for you in detail. In addition, the NetCarb (net carbohydrate) calculation helps.

12g carbohydrates

- 9g Erythritol

3g net carbohydrates

*Example calculation based on a portion of our NEOH chocolate crunch bar (30g)

We have a list of the NetCarbs of our products for you here:

- Crunch Bars (Chocolate, Raspberry, Coconut): 3g per serving (30g)
- Nut Bar (Caramel): 3g per serving (29g)

NEOH / Net Carbs

More about KETO DIET

If you are on the keto diet or plan to be, it is important to know that fiber has a very positive effect on the glycemic index. NEOH contains up to 30% fiber, which is a lot. This high percentage paired with no added sugar provides the perfect balance to challenge all parts of your digestive system equally.

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