NEOH Body Transformation Challenge 2021

12 Wochen. 3 Phasen. 100 % Resultate.

Are you ready for THE challenge of 2021? Our NEOH Body Transformation Challenge 2021 allows you to achieve your summer body 2021 through a free, simple but most importantly effective workout program from home and without equipment. No matter if you want to lose some weight, build/maintain some muscles or just feel good in your skin again - You are at the right place!!!

The trainings

For those of you who have never participated in our Challenge, here is a quick wrap-up. The training program consists of 3 phases, each lasting 4 weeks. In each phase, the goal is to complete three sweaty but effective HIIT sessions each week. Unlike last year, we start with full-body HIIT workouts in Phase I and increase towards targeted lower-body/abs/upper-body HIIT until Phase III. Of course, there will still be some focus in each phase with each workout. Additionally, you should supplement your workout with a cardio session of your choice for optimal results. For this, we have a HIIT cardio version for each phase for you in the Cardio Corner. New in 2021 is the Stretching Session. This unit serves, among other things, regeneration and allows you to actively shape your actual "rest day". You will find the weekly suggested training plan in the respective phase. However, you can still integrate the workouts into your everyday life in a way that is optimal for you.

The trainings

Phase I

Unleash Pain

Cardio Corner

Hate us now, thank us later!

Chill Out Corner

Time to calm down!

The nutrition plan

Training is only half the battle. To really achieve maximum success during the next 12 weeks, you should also pay attention to your diet. For this purpose, there are recommendations regarding the macronutrient distribution in the individual phases that you should follow.

Important, if you want to lose weight/fat: Consume fewer calories than you consume. If you just want to keep fit: Consume about the same amount of calories as you consume. If you want to gain weight/build muscle: Consume more calories than you consume.

You can calculate your individual consumption in the NEOH calorie calculator below.

Calorie Calculator

Here you can now easily calculate your calorie consumption to make sure you reach your goal.











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