New to the team: Downhill/Street Trial athlete Gabriel Wimer

From now on, NEOH relies on the charisma of the Austrian mountain biker and YouTube star Gabriel Wibmer.

With our sugar-free products, we particularly appeal to a young, sporty and nutrition-conscious target group. In other words, the target group that also makes up the majority of the 18-year-old bike star's followers. The collaboration begins immediately at a high level in the form of a TV commercial that will be broadcast nationwide on the Pro7 Group channels in Germany from February and also in Austria from spring. The 14-second spot, produced by Warda Network GmbH, shows the 18-year-old doing what he does best – mountain biking.

“I am excited to be part of the NEOH team. Since a nutritionally conscious diet is essential for me to maintain and improve my performance, working with NEOH is ideal. I am proud to be part of the campaign in the form of a TV spot as a testimonial.” -Gabriel Wibmer

Our new addition Gabriel impressed us not only with his excellent bike skills but also with his wide reach on social media. His creative videos reach a very large audience, with 285,000 followers on Instagram and over 600,000 followers on Tik Tok. With the YouTube video “ Late for School ”, he has already broken the 10 million view mark.

“[...] and Gabriel are teenagers who made a name for themselves nationally and internationally at a young age. All three set new accents in their areas and are therefore the perfect brand ambassadors for the new snacking!” - Alex Gänsdorfer, CMO of NEOH