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Let’s keep it simple: Imagine an amusement park. The rollercoasters are blood sugar curves. As in any amusement park, there are wild and less wild rollercoasters. If you consume a lot of sugar, or ingredients that are processed in the body like sugar, your blood sugar rises sharply at first, but then quickly drops again. You can also opt for a more enjoyable ride by consuming less sugar and the like. This is where NEOH comes in. Our promise? A lower impact on your blood sugar curve, but still full of chocolate flavour* We ensure the perfect balance in your diet. With NEOH, conscious snacking is child's play. *Foods that contain erythritol and polydextrose instead of sugar cause blood sugar levels to rise less than foods that contain sugar.

In over 12 years of research, we have developed the ultimate sugar replacement formula: ZERO+. ZERO+ is an innovative blend of mainly plant-based fibres that allows you to snack on chocolatey snacks without a guilty conscience. Whether you're watching your diet for health reasons, such as diabetes*, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, NEOH snacks are the perfect choice for you. You'll be amazed at how intense and authentic the flavour of our products is, with no added sugar. Experience chocolate in a new way, experience NEOH! *Sainsbury, Emma, et al. "Effect of dietary carbohydrate restriction on glycemic control in adults with diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis." Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 139 (2018): 239-252.

Simply said, thanks to the ZERO+ replacement formula. This is a clever substance that allows us to experience sweetness without the negative effects of sugar. The best thing about it? It contains very few calories but lots of nutritious fibre and hardly affects blood sugar. This was verified and confirmed in a clinical study by the Medical University of Vienna (2022). This means you can still enjoy the sweet taste without the sugar rollercoaster ride!

Fibres are a real game changer. They can be found in nuts, fruit, vegetables, seeds, etc. Why are they so important? Well, they're like the clean-up heroes in your digestive system and help keep your digestion going. But that's not all! Fibre also ensures that your blood sugar levels don't spike too much.* In today's diet, they get a raw deal, but if you eat NEOH, you've already covered part of the recommended 30g/day. And that with delicious chocolate snacks - Nice! *Foods that contain erythritol and polydextrose instead of sugar cause blood sugar levels to rise less than foods that contain sugar.

Net carbs are the carbohydrates that can be utilised by the body and can lead to a rise in blood sugar. The aim of NEOH is to keep net carbs as low as possible in order to keep your blood sugar curve stable and avoid blood sugar spikes. Net carbs are calculated by subtracting the components that cannot be digested by the body, such as fibre and erythritol, from the total carbohydrates. Due to the low net carbs of our products, they are not only low carb, but even keto-friendly.

Eine Auflistung der NetCarbs unserer Produkte haben wir hier für dich:

- Milch & Haselnuss Schoko: 1g pro Portion (22g)
- Hazelnut Crunch: 3g pro Portion (21g)
- Schoko Bites: 4g pro Portion (29g)
- Crunch Bars (Schoko, Himbeere, Kokos): 3g pro Portion (30g)
- Nut Bar (Caramel): 3g pro Portion (29g)
- Drageelinos: 4g pro Portion (20g)

Allgemein gilt: Net Carbs = Kohlenhydrate-Polyole


All products are ZERO Added Sugar, i.e. they contain no added sugar.

Definitely! Our products convince with 100% taste and taste like sin - but they are not. See for yourself.

We use our specially developed sugar substitute ZERO+. This consists mainly of vegetable fiber from agave, corn and chicory root. As well as erythritol and sucralose. This combo makes it possible for NEOH to have a lower impact on your blood sugar levels.

No, we don't use aspartam.

Net carbohydrates are also called net carbs. These are the carbohydrates that the body can use and which can lead to an increase in blood sugar. The rest is not absorbed by the body and is excreted again and is therefore not relevant for your blood sugar level.

You can find the exact net carbs per product on the respective product page and the packaging!

Yes, all NEOH products give you the optimal balance of natural fiber, without any added sugar. Perfect to support your digestion!

Yes, with the exception of our Drageelinos, all NEOH products are vegetarian. The Caramel Nuts Bar is even vegan.

Our Caramel Nuts bar is 100% vegan, the other products, with the exception of our drageelinos, are vegetarian.

Coconut blossom sugar, dates and honey influence the
blood sugar level more drastically than the
sweeteners we use. This is why these 3 ingredients are not an option for us.

You can find all nutritional information on the respective product pages. But one thing is always the same, the amount of added sugar, namely: ZERO.

You can find the portion sizes of our products on the respective product page.

Our bars and chocolate bars may contain traces of nuts and gluten. Our bites are gluten-free.

Basically yes, but please clarify this with your doctor anyway, as each person reacts individually.

We constantly review the latest approaches to studies on sweeteners. Previous and numerous recent clinical studies, in both healthy and diabetic subjects and using a variety of approaches and conditions, including measurement of gastrointestinal incretins, collectively provide evidence that Sucralose has no effect on intestinal function has. Regulatory and genotoxicity experts agree that sucralose is not mutagenic, and there is no evidence that sucralose alters intestinal microflora. In addition, as already mentioned, radioactively labeled sucralose shows that the intestinal microflora does not use sucralose as an energy source or otherwise metabolize it.


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Our vision is to...
To drastically reduce sugar consumption in society. Because all of us
benefit from every meal and snack that isn't a sugar bomb. We
have been fighting to achieve this goal for many years - and are paying as a result
to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 3 (health and well-being), 4 (high-quality
Education) and 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure).

The exact composition of our products
– and especially our sugar substitute formula – is secret for competitive reasons.
As far as we can, we provide transparent insights into the high-quality ones
Ingredients we use. In general, the following applies to all of our raw materials: The ingredients comply with the currently applicable food law regulations in Austria and the European Union, in particular the Basic Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and the Hygiene Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004. HACCP is an essential part of our quality and food safety management system.

Our sugar replacement formula is based on
plant fiber from various sources such as agave and chicory,
specifically fermented corn and a complex mixture of
sensory fine-tuned aromas. A medical clinical study
University of Vienna proves that this has little effect on blood sugar levels

The milk ingredients that we use for our products come from 100%
from the EU and are therefore subject to the strict guidelines of the EU animal protection regulations.
and hygiene laws.

The cocoa ingredients and nuts
We only source our products from suppliers who have...
attach great importance to supply chain standards. All our suppliers
We only work with suppliers who meet the criteria
Sustainability and ESG as well as the principles and rights at work in accordance with the
Comply with the Convention of the International Labor Organization.

In addition, all of our
Products 100% free of added substances
sugar and palm oil.