And the winner EATS...NEOH!

Every year since 2015, innovative foods have had the chance to win the Good Food Award, which is presented by Women's Health together with Men's Health. The main focus of the jury, which consists of food editors and nutritionists, is on taste and the factors “healthy” and “innovative”.

"Cozy evenings also require the right snacks, namely ones with that certain something extra"

This is how Men's Health magazine described the category in which NEOH secured the Men's Health Good Food Award 2022 in the “Chill Out Food” category with the vegan NEOH Caramel Nuts Bar.

"Due to the novel combination of plant-based fiber and sugar substitutes, the blood sugar level rises only slightly or not at all after consumption. The prebiotic ingredients also have a positive effect on the intestinal flora and the microbiome, thereby actively supporting intestinal health. So tasty and Snacking can be healthy." - Riemer Gabriele

You can find the whole article HERE .