Die NEOH Cream Cake - Zero sugar added auf neuem Level!

The NEOH Cream Cake - Zero sugar added on a new level!

“This is the greatest cake I have ever eaten!”

Our social media manager said this without knowing that it was a ZERO sugar added cake. The NEOH Cream Cake shows the broad spectrum of our specially developed and secret sugar substitute. The cake is prepared by hand directly in the Billa Plus branches and is now available in all of the supermarket chain's approximately 150 branches.

The idea for this came from the BILLA “Start-up Ticket” department. The cake itself is made from NEOH raw materials and was developed by the BILLA innovation team into the hottest cake of all time. The cake consists of several layers of nut base and vanilla cream. Covered with NEOH special chocolate, almond slivers and NEOH crispies.

And of course the NEOH Cream Cake keeps all NEOH promises:

  • Minimal impact on blood sugar.
  • Lots of great fiber.
  • And MEGA taste.

The combination of ZERO sugar added, lots of fiber and fats makes it possible to enjoy a piece of cake without regrets and, above all, without cravings.