Ice cold against sugar!

Like right now? Ice cream without added sugar? That works? And how!

The ENSO sugar replacement formula developed by NEOH now makes it possible to enjoy delicious ice cream without the addition of refined sugar. Together with Eis-Greissler, we worked on the perfect formula for months. In the end we created a creamy milk ice cream with crunchy chocolate pieces, of course with ZERO sugar added. The variety will be available in all Eis-Greissler branches in Austria from October 8th. See for yourself!

“We at NEOH want to redefine the snack shelf. Our secret sugar replacement formula can also be used anywhere sugar is still used today. The cooperation with Eis Greissler underlines this idea and shows that the future no longer needs added sugar." - Manuel Zeller, CEO of NEOH

FAQ: Is the ice cream still sweet?

Yes! The NEOH ice cream is sweetened with the same sugar replacement formula as previous NEOH products. This sugar replacement formula called ENSO 16 shows a significantly lower impact on blood sugar levels than traditional sugar. A clinical study on the effects of ENSO 16 was carried out with the Medical University of Vienna (Clinical Pharmacology Department) in the summer of 2022, the results of which will be presented shortly.

Spoiler alert: We are super happy with the results!